florida man steals golf cart
Facebook: Martin County Sheriff's Office

Florida Man Tries Evading Cops in Stolen Golf Cart...It Doesn't End Well

If you were to rank vehicles from best to worst on their ability to evade law enforcement (you know, a perfectly normal and not-at-all weird thing to rank), golf carts would have to fall around the bottom, just above pogo stick and unicycle. Sure, they're fun to zip around a course in, but golf carts aren't particularly fast and they're pretty easy to tip over. Let's just say that, if you're riding around in a golf cart, you're more likely to find yourself featured in an "Epic Fails" compilation than a sweet highlight reel.

With that in mind, one Florida man, who was "immediately captured by deputies" after jacking a cart from golfers at Hammock Creek Golf Course in Palm City, was probably better off just making a run for it on foot. The man was said to be one of as many as four individuals who were suspected in a string of vehicle thefts.

After crashing a car stolen from a Palm City gas station, the posse of thieves booked it on foot before the ill-advised golf cart getaway attempt that ended in two arrests.

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Per Newsweek:

The Martin County Sheriff's Office said it is believed that the suspects stole a number of vehicles at the Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in Stuart before stealing the vehicle.

Investigators confirmed that he hunt remains ongoing for the remaining suspect, or suspects, and noted a handgun had been stolen from one of the vehicles at the Cracker Barrel. The group of thieves are also suspects in crimes in counties south of Martin County.

"We are asking all Palm City residents to remain vigilant and call 911 if you see anything or anyone suspicious," the sheriff's office said in a brief statement posted to Facebook alongside images of two arrested men and the stolen vehicle. A fourth image showed the crash scene.

Judging from decision to steal the golf cart as well as the condition of stolen car, it looks like these guys have played WAY too much Grand Theft Auto in their day. Woof!

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