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Dashcam Captures Crazy Emergency Plane Landing on California Highway


When you're cruising along on the highway, it's not entirely uncommon to see a plane flying overhead, particularly if there's an airport nearby. To see a plane actually land on a highway though is a much more rare occurrence, and definitely way more terrifying.

Eric Greer was driving through San Leandro, California, when he not only saw an emergency plane landing occur, but also managed to capture it on his car's dashcam.

According to Greer, this is how the incident went down from his perspective.

"My wife and I were just exiting Eastbound highway 238 interchange to highway I-580 northbound," Greer wrote. "I pointed out that the plane was flying very low. We continued onto I-580 when, without warning, the Cessna plane swooped down over traffic, then proceeded to hover until finding a clear spot in traffic to share the highway. My wife and I were continually yelling 'Oh my gosh!.'"

"Most of the traffic didn't even respond nor were they slowing down. I feared they would hit the plane, so I turned on my flashers, started honking and weaving back and forth into lanes. Finally, we reached the tail of the Cessna as cars continued to attempt to pass on the right. I could see the plane leaking fuel. I exited the vehicle and ran over to see if the passenger and pilots were OK. Amazingly, no one was hurt, and no damage done to any vehicles nor the Cessna."

Confirming what Greer himself saw, the pilot of the single-engine Cessna told the California Highway Patrol that a fuel line snapped (hence the leaking fuel), which caused the plane to lose pressure.

Fortunately, the drivers on the highway had the wherewithal to clear some space on that road so that the pilot could make a safe landing on the shoulder.

Considering that the emergency landing took place on a busy highway and all, Greer and his wife, of course, weren't the only ones to see the landing. Witness Michelle Williams also saw how it all went down and was definitely shocked to say the least.

"It was like, boom, like, a car was going out of gas or something," Williams told ABC13. "Then it hit the ground and all I can do was just run and scream and say, 'A plane is on our freeway!'"

To be fair, that's not an entirely over-the-top way to react to an emergency plane landing.

This post was originally published on August 14, 2018.

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