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Dashcam Video Shows Texas School Bus Driving Straight into Low-Water Crossing

There were a whole host of complications that arose as a result of all the flooding in Texas over the past several weeks, chief among them being dicey driving conditions. One school bus driver in Leander, Texas foolishly ignored the danger presented by these conditions -- and ended up getting arrested for it.

As recently released dashcam footage shows, Nathan Deyoung decided to drive a school bus past a barricade and straight into a low-water crossing, all with a middle school student onboard. The bus ended up getting swept away from the flood, but both DeYoung and the student were rescued by first responders and neither was injured.

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Naturally, the parents of Independent School District students were pretty damn upset after they all saw the footage for the first time. According to KEYE, they were "speechless after watching it" and many are calling for better safety precautions in the future.

"To me that's frightening because I do have one child who rides the bus. I would hope the bus drivers are thinking about their safety as well as the kids safety considering it's not their own kid," Sallie Western, the parent of a Leander ISD student, told KEYE. "They shouldn't be going through those waters. They're raging. They shouldn't even be going through a small stream."

"I would hope it would make the Leander ISD Transportation Department look at that video and make sure their drivers are doing exactly what they should be doing. They have those dashcam videos, they should be reassessing at random times."

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