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Video Shows Terrifying Scene When 18-Wheeler Crashes into Texas School Bus

Crashes of any kind are, without a doubt, scary regardless of the circumstances. But, when children are involved, traffic collisions and roadside accidents became exponentially more serious.

That's why this video from out of Bastrop, Texas -- showing an 18-wheeler T-bone a school bus full of 20 high school, middle school, and intermediate school students -- is so terrifying.

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Fortunately, both the students and the school bus driver were treated for minor injuries at a nearby hospital and were set to be released. As far as the exact cause of the North Texas accident, this is what the authorities know so far about the Texas school bus crash.

Per CBS Austin:

According to [Texas Department of Public Safety] spokesperson Robbie Barrera, the crash happened after the bus turned right onto westbound 71. That's when an 18-wheeler crashed into the bus. Barrera said the driver told investigators he thought he had a yellow light.

"The 18-wheeler advised that he saw a yellow light, attempted to stop his truck and his brakes did not work," Barrera said.

However, surveillance video from a nearby gas station shows the school bus had a green light for several seconds before the crash. The truck appeared to have a red light. Barrera said investigators planned to go by the gas station to look at the video.

"That's what the troopers jobs are to investigate the crash, get both sides of the story," Barrera said. "And try to determine exactly what happened."

A driver who stopped to help the kids also went over to the help the driver of the 18-wheeler. He also asked the driver what happened.

"And he said that his brakes had failed," commuter Jeremiah Owens said.

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