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Alabama Woman Goes on Car-Stealing Spree, and It Was All Captured on Surveillance Video

One Alabama car thief had herself quite the busy week, after hitting five car dealerships in a span of only three days.

It sounds like a feat you'd only see dramatized on the big screen, but surveillance video provided by two of the dealerships actually caught the woman in the act. Needless to say, she's something of a certified pro.

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One of the dealerships that got hit by the serial carjacker is Legacy Motors, where the woman swiped a Dodge Challenger.

"It's mind blowing really," Legacy Motors receptionist Nicole Lawson told ABC 33/40, adding that the woman drove up to the lot in a black car with someone else inside. "You don't think anybody is gonna come [steal a car]. I mean, nothing seemed unusual. I would not have dreamed ever that, that is what was going on."

"I told her I need a copy of her license. She went to her car, then came back, came in and talked and made a copy of her license. Then she took off."

Since it clearly worked so well for her the first time, the Alabama auto thief is believed to have used the same technique at the other dealerships that she stole from.

Per ABC 33/40:

Luis Granados, manager at SPC Autosales LLC in Tarrant, says the woman was trying similar tactics at his business.

Granados also told ABC 33/40, "[She] comes to make a test drive and both leave and steal cars. I am not a big dealer. This is a family business. This is a big problem for me to lose $9,000. That's too much money for me."

Both the owner of the Icon Motor Group in Gardendale and the General Manager at King Motors in Roebuck told ABC 33/40 they've been targeted. A Pelham Police spokesperson says the department is investigating. However, at this time there are no warrants for an arrest, but the stolen vehicle at the Pelham dealership has been recovered.

Don't get me wrong, I'm definitely not one to champion car-jacking. But to hit five dealerships in half a week and not get caught? You have to admit, that's pretty impressive, all legal ramifications aside.

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