The Kingsman Custom BMW R80_R65
YouTube: TwinThing Custom Motorcycles

This Custom BMW Bike Is the Perfect Mix of Vintage and Modern


This bike is beyond beautiful, and this cinematic video matches up absolutely perfectly with its style. This truly unique bike started its life as a BMW R80, that is, until TwinThing Custom Motorcycles came along and made this fully customized version which crosses the R80 with the R65. With the fitting name of "The Kingsman," it's the perfect mix of a vintage and a modern motorcycle.

Café racer bikes always ooze style, but this one in particular just hits different. The first thing you'll notice on it are the wildly aggressive knobby tires that are fitted to the custom spoked wheels. It catches you off guard, but it just looks so right on this thing. It's also paired with the classic British racing green and the perfect splash of yellow to go with it. The minor details like the heat-wrapped exhaust, the brown leather seat, digital dash, and the LED style lighting are all eye-catching components of this gorgeous build.

In the video, this rider debuts the bike by taking it for a cruise around the city. It's so well put together that this looks like it would be the beginning of a major blockbuster movie. I could totally see a main character riding this machine. He stops off in a warehouse, where a major photoshoot of the bike takes place. After capturing the shots, he hops back on the bike to continue his ride, but sadly, this is where the video ends.


Motorcycle manufacturers need to start making more videos like this one when they release a new bike. I'm not even a café bike owner, but boy, does this video make me want to go out and buy one. I have to give it to Twin Thing, they certainly know how to build an amazing bike, and this is only one of the many they've created. They specialize in the vintage style bikes, and they've got loads of them on their website to check out. Hats off for this creation.

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