Have you ever been riding a motorcycle and lowsided? Ever been called a squid while on your bike? Are you well-versed in the motorcyclist’s philosophy of ATGATT? I’m not gonna lie, I hadn’t heard of any of these motorcycle slang terms before watching the above video from Yammie Noob, but in just a little over 10 minutes, the YouTuber lays out everything from low sides and high sides to gooch juice and chicken strips.

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Now, if you watched to the end of the video, you saw that ATGATT stands for “all the gear, all the time,” meaning that motorcycle safety gear should be worn at all times while riding. Thankfully, Amazon is stocked with all your motorcycle gear needs, whether you’re looking for a helmet, a jacket, or a full-on racing suit.

Keep your noggin safe with the Full Face Motorcycle Street Bike Helmet from ILM. Equipped with two different visors and a neck scarf for winter riding, this helmet is lightweight, durable, and aerodynamic. That’s a triple threat when it comes to helmets.

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If you’re in the market for a new pair of riding gloves, the Seibertron Dirtpaw gloves will definitely do the trick. Specifically designed for maximum protection, performance, and comfort, these gloves aren’t just great for motorcycle riding, but also for BMX biking, mountain biking, and ATV off-roading.

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To be taken seriously on the road, you’re gonna need a sweet riding jacket. That’s just a given. This Textile Motorcycle Jacket from HHR is SLICK. It’s great for any season, whether you want to stay cool during the summer or keep yourself warming for some cold weather riding. Oh, and it only costs $60. That’s a straight-up steal.

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