harley-davidson engine knocking prank
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Jokester Pulls One Over on His Buddy With Harley Engine Prank



There are very few really good, classic pranks these days. Pranksters keep trying to go bigger, aim higher, and get even more shocks, while small classic pranks just kind of fall behind.

But, this prank? Absolute perfection.

What would you do if every time you started your Harley-Davidson motorcycle, you heard a metallic knocking noise? Knocking is a pretty common symptom, but no one wants to deal with a malfunctioning motorcycle. Is it the cylinders? The valves? How bad is it? You'd start with the engine and do a full inspection to pinpoint the source of the knocking, and hope to nip it in the bud before you're buying yourself an entirely new bike.


This owner starts up his bike and hears knocking. He calmly goes through the standard checklist of things you need to look at more closely when your bike starts ticking and tocking. He turns off the music. He tinkers around a bit. He does everything right. You can see his shoulders droop as he realizes he's going to have to take this whole thing apart. We've all been there. It's the worst.

But, one thing he doesn't do is shake down his buddies for any tools that they might be using to simulate engine knocking noises. Because the source of his issues is standing right in front of him -- a smart aleck friend with two tools, rhythmically tapping them every time the engine is started.

Thankfully, he realizes the source of the noise before loosening even one bolt, which is probably how his buddy managed to survive this prank.

So for all those in Tik-Tok land who are wondering how to pull the ultimate motorcycle prank, remember this video. You don't even have to touch a motorcycle to pull off the perfect prank. Just get yourself two tools and a buddy with a sense of humor. Don't let the prank go on too long, and everyone will leave laughing together.


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