florida man motorcycle with feet
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Florida Man Rides Motorcycle Using Only His Bare Feet


It was no shirt, no shoes, no helmet, no hands, no problem for one Florida motorcycle rider. Back in 2018, the guy became somewhat of a local news celebrity after video circulated of him steering his bike down southbound I-95 near Jacksonville using just his feet. Just another classic Florida man story for you!

As you can see from the below footage, the motorcyclist appears to be pretty at ease with his unorthodox riding position, like he's driven this way 1,000 times before. Well, his incredibly ballsy style definitely got the attention of many surprised drivers, including Rashand Anderson Glespen, who uploaded footage of the unidentified biker to social media.

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"I was with my son Joseph and we were baffled when we passed him," Glespen told the Miami Herald. "I gave him my phone and slowed down a little (probably 50-60 mph) so he could take a video of him riding past. It was crazy."

"Really neat to see something like that. But I didn't hang around after taking the video because I knew it wouldn't take much for that to become a mess and I didn't want to risk being involved in an accident."

When it comes to baffling motorcycle riding techniques, this guy absolutely takes first prize. It even looks like he's taking a nap while he's riding like an absolute lunatic.

Needless to say, this guy shouldn't be giving out riding tips anytime soon. In fact, his off-the-wall move is going to end up catching up with him eventually. It might not have been that day, but one of these days, he won't be acting so chill when his Harley ends up in a ditch somewhere.


This post was originally published on August 22, 2018.

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