reporter passes out on blue angels flight
YouTube: Joshua Wehmeyer

Reporter Passes Out During Blue Angels Flight


G-force is no joke, especially when you're riding in a high-speed jet. This reporter got to experience that firsthand when she went for a ride with the Blue Angels, and it ended with her blacking out multiple times during the flight. However, I will give her credit for keeping a smile going for the entire duration in the air.

It's a good thing she was wearing a helmet, because it came in handy later in the flight. To be fair, because of the fact that you can only ride with the Blue Angels one time, she did claim that she told the pilot she wanted the full effect of the F-18 Hornet. The pilot certainly delivered. As soon as they take off, they instantly go into a vertical climb, but the reporter handles that quite well, even through the afterburners. Reaching speeds of 761 MPH, it's undeniably a unique experience.

The issues came once the pilot began to do some more extreme maneuvers that the Blue Angels are known for. These tight aerobatic moves draw a ton of G-forces, and the reporter was told to tighten her leg muscles in order to stop the blood from rushing to her head. She gave it an honest effort, but it wasn't enough, because as soon as the began his stunts, she was out like a light. It happened on multiple occasions, and at one point, you can hear her groans trying to stay conscious, but she still had the high spirits to laugh about the experience with the pilot.


I'm sure there were some jokes thrown her way after this segment aired on television, but it's all in good fun. Let's be honest, most of the people that would've taken on that challenge would have been in the same situation anyway. It's still an awesome memory and achievement to have taken a ride with the Blue Angels, so I'd imagine this is something that this reporter won't soon forget.

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