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The Most Insane Crash Wins in Ramp Rollover Contest


This is, without a doubt, one of the craziest motorsports events I have come across. Just when you think you've seen it all, something even more extreme and more dangerous comes along. What I'm referring to is the Ramp Rollover competition.

It's essentially an event where the most spectacular rollover crash wins. There's a single kicker ramp on the straight portion of the speedway, and the driver's job is to hit that ramp with one side of the vehicle to make the car roll.

Autorodeo Nederland is a Belgium-based company that puts on these shows, and they are heavily involved in all types of racing that combine oval tracks and demolition derby. Ramp Rollover is just one of their motorsports competitions, and it's hard to take your eyes away from this high-speed action once it starts.


This is some serious live action! These drivers have got to be fearless to participate in something like this. Some of these wrecks can even result in a vehicle flipping end over end around six times!

Even though some of these rollover accidents seem extremely violent, it appears as if they're still taking all the proper safety precautions to limit injuries. All of the cars participating have been completely stripped on the inside, and they're fitted with a roll cage for extra protection.

The drivers are outfitted with a helmet, harnesses, neck protection, and a racing suit. Just in case a fire starts up, you'll also notice the safety guys running out after every crash with a fire extinguisher.


Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, these competitions have been put on a hold for 2020. With any luck, we may be able to have these events come back for next year.

If you love the hard-hitting crashes during racing, then Autorodeo Nederland has got you covered. If you're planning a trip or you live in Europe, this is a must-see spectacle.

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