In order to win a Formula One race, you need a fast and talented driver, but you also need a skilled pit crew and racing team behind you. These pit stops have the potential to make or break an entire race within just a few seconds. When these F1 cars are coming down pit lane for a tire change, the pressure then lies on the crew to make sure that car leaves the box as fast as possible.

Take for example, the Red Bull Racing team. They have undoubtedly proved their abilities when it comes to pitting. They even set a new world record in 2019 when they earned the DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award. Not only are they fast, but they are extremely consistent. The video above shows some of their fastest F1 pit stop times at the British Grand Prix, the Brazilian Grand Prix, and the German Grand Prix. Don’t blink, or you might miss it.

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Needless to say, these guys crushed it! The fact that they can change all four tires in under two seconds is absolutely mind blowing. The fastest time they achieved was 1.82 seconds. This record time is a huge milestone for their motorsports career, and with drivers like Max Verstappen and Pierre Gasly, and a crew as fast as this to back them up, it puts the Red Bull team in an extremely enviable position.

When competing against other talented Formula 1 drivers, such as McLaren’s Lando Norris, Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc, Williams’ Nicholas Latifi, and Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton, every second matters. Putting in the fastest lap time is great, but putting in a record pit stop time gives the driver an even greater advantage in the race. Even if you’re the fastest driver in the world, it would mean nothing if your team is not up to par.


These pit crews and their talent are often overshadowed by the intense racing that is taking place, but if they slip up and cost the driver positions, you’ll definitely be seeing it again on the replays. No one wants to be the guy that couldn’t tighten the lug nuts quick enough and caused the wheel to fall off at the first turn. Because of that, these crews practice these situations in their off time, and Red Bull has surely been putting in the work.


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