go-kart nearly gets wrecked
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$5,000 Go-Kart Comes Inches Away From Getting Wrecked


Nobody can churn out ridiculous stunt videos quite as effectively as folks with souped-up vehicles and way too much time on their hands. This below video is definitely proof of that.

Back in 2011, an absolute maniac driving a $5,000 go-kart recorded himself racing through traffic and even zipping past a police car somewhere in the suburbs. The Beisse Shifter Kart is stocked with a 180-horsepower Yamaha R1 Sport Bike engine, and we guess the guy wanted to see exactly what it was capable of.

According to the YouTube description, the ridiculous kart could go as fast as 200 MPH (or at least that's what the guy claims), but the owner doesn't know for certain since the tires popped around 181 MPH (allegedly) in the fourth gear, and there are six gears in total.

To be fair though, this dude didn't need to get to 200 to get people's attention. Jump ahead to the 8:30 mark in the video, and you'll see when things really start to get interesting.


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First off, here's a little bit more on the kart's history, according to the video's uploader.

It has had several owners. Previous owner from Georgia owned kart for literally two weeks then re-listed on eBay citing it was the most ridiculous thing he'd ever driven and there weren't many places to use it. It was drag raced and crashed due to the front wheels coming off the ground. One owner told the story of trying to get the major tire manufacturers to produce a tire that would allow the kart to attempt to go over 200mph and not blow up.

Needless to say, this thing definitely has a crazy past. As you can see by the multiple times the go-kart driver almost got flattened by weaving into oncoming traffic, it's clear it also takes a pretty crazy person to drive this thing.


This post was originally published on January 26, 2017.

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