6 cylinder go kart YouTube: Ursoss Arena 22 Vr
YouTube: Ursoss Arena 22 Vr

What we have here is an absolutely insane, power-hungry gearhead. For the ultimate DIY project, this maniac outfitted a go-kart with a six-cylinder engine (probably with the help of his buddies), which sounds cool in theory. But, actually driving the thing? Considering the power-to-weight ratio, you’d have to have a death wish. We’re talking pure, unadulterated speed with practically zero control.

As you can see from the below video, the whole experience looked more like riding a bucking bronco on speeding than driving your typical go-kart. One YouTuber commenter asked, “Are you still alive?” A valid question, no doubt, considering the circumstances.

I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying this at home (for obvious reasons), but hey, at least it looks pretty sweet.

WATCH: Go-Kart With 6-Cylinder Engine

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If the above video inspired you to cop a go-kart for yourselves or your kids, Amazon has a few options for you. Now, they’re not packing nearly the amount of power as the souped-up monstrosity in the video, but these go-karting alternatives are definitely way safer.

Take the Coleman KT196 off-road go-kart, for example. With a 4-stroke OHV 1-cylinder fully automatic engine (196cc/6.5hp), this go-kart has a 400 pounds and a top speed of 31 MPH. You’re also guaranteed to have a smooth ride, as this thing comes with a torque converter CVT system, low-pressure tires, and hydraulic foot-operated disc brakes. Selling everything from mini bikes to drift trikes to ATVs to scooters, Coleman Powersports is a pretty solid brand as far as off-roading goes.

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For your smaller racers (between the 5- and 9-year-old range, says one reviewer), there’s the TrailMaster MINI XRX from GTC Industries, outfitted with an air-cooled, 4-stroke Honda Clone Engine (163cc/5.5hp). This kart can reach speeds of 25 MPH, is equipped with both electric start and remote start, and comes available in a variety of colors.


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This post was originally published on October 10, 2019.

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