Don't Try This at Home! Wild Boat Backflip Attempt Ends with a Splash


A lot of the insane stunts we show here are of the "don't try this at home" variety, and this boat backflip attempt gone wrong from out of Australia should definitely come with that warning tag.

As you can see from the above video, the dude behind the wheel seriously guns it, trying to get enough acceleration to pull off a sweet stunt, but ends up crashing hard. Who knows if the guy was legitimately trying to pull off a full backflip (that's just what the video title says), because I can't imagine that he actually thought he'd be able to land it, no matter how much power he gave the boat.

Either way, the boater does the one thing you absolutely, under no circumstances should do after getting flung from a boat and that's SWIM STRAIGHT TOWARDS THE PROPELLER! Come on, buddy! Be better than that!


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For all you boating enthusiasts out there, the vessel featured in the video, according to the YouTube description, is the Thundercat, from the Ceasar Inflatable Boats line.

Per Ceasar Inflatable Boats:


The THUNDERCAT is the backbone of the Ceasar boat line. The proven technology of this award winning race boat is now available to the recreational boat consumer as well. This boat is ideal for diving, fishing, tubing, kite surfing, or general recreation.

Any 15" shaft outboard motor, ranging from 25-50 hp, can be used to power the THUNDERCAT. As a Tohatsu OEM motor dealer, we offer three Tohatsu engine choices for your new boat.

If you're looking to cut up some serious waves, this boat seems perfect for the job. Just don't be attempting any backflips on this bad boy, or you'll probably end up on the internet.

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