The guys over at YouTube channel Life OD have made a living pulling off ridiculous engine swaps over the years, but they pretty much outdid themselves when they took a Honda boat motor and swapped that sucker in a Honda Civic. Pretty awesome, right?

Per Driven:

Powered by a supposed 75hp Honda outboard motor, this little Honda Civic isn’t exactly a speed demon, but has enough torque to carry four men including the one sitting on the engine, controlling the throttle.

To get around the lack of water that is usually used to cool the engine while it is operating on the water, the backyard mechanics simply place a bucket of water in the empty engine bay and run a small hose into the intake.

While it may have enough torque to get the team around the flat track, the small hill proves to be a little too much and the engine stalls under load, sending them back down.

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Ok, fine, so the Civic stalled out and didn’t make it up the hill. Even still, this project was a huge success, and, as you can see from the video, the Life OD dudes had a blast doing it. It was like they were on a crazy rollercoaster ride, but in this case, the “rollercoaster” was a tricked-out Civic that had the potential to break down at any second. Which definitely adds to the appeal.

I guess you could probably categorize this as a “don’t try this at home” type of project, but honestly, we wouldn’t blame you if you got a few friends together and gave the whole boat motor swap thing a go. Because it looks sweet as shit.


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