Dirt Bike Rider vs. Bridge
YouTube: RideApart

Dirt Biker Rides Over Bridge Arch Like an Absolute Maniac



Some individuals just seem to have no fear whatsoever, and I think I'd put this dirt bike rider in that category of people. Some would look at this bridge and see a structure capable of getting vehicles from one side of the water to the other. This rider, however, saw it as an opportunity to do something that no one else would ever dare try.

Equipped with a dirt bike and a helmet, the rider seemed confident in his own ability. He quickly lines himself up, and proceeds to ride on top of the concrete arch that was running across the sides of the bridge. Amazingly, he keeps the throttle smooth, and absolutely nails this stunt without much of an issue. The thing I'd be most worried about would be the incline change as he first started to go up. Too slow of a speed and you risk stalling out the bike. Too fast of a speed and you may not be able to keep the bike straight. Either option, you're almost guaranteed to fall off the side.

The camera angle is enough to make you a little anxious as he does this stunt, but relief comes once he makes it to the other end. I'm actually impressed by both his riding skill and his fearless attitude for the sole purpose of creating a YouTube video. Had things gone wrong, it could have potentially been deadly, but there wasn't a single care in this guy's mind. The most important thing is that everything went according to plan. He quickly exits and loads his bike back up into the van he traveled there in.


Where would we be without those courageous souls out there who are willing to risk everything to prove their skill? The world would be a much less exciting place, that's for sure. If he was willing to try this, I wonder what other crazy stunts he's gotten himself into over the years.

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