robbie maddison backflips tower bridge
YouTube: Red Bull

Motocross Legend No-Handed Backflips Over Iconic Bridge


Robbie Maddison is undeniably a legend in freestyle motocross and on two wheels in general. He's proved it time and time again with his crazy stunts, like the record setting 350-foot long jump, his massive step-up stunt in Las Vegas, and even a huge ski jump stunt. Back in 2009, he crossed another one off the list with this backflip across the Tower Bridge in London.

In the video above, you can watch the lead-up to the stunt, along with Robbie's initial thoughts before pulling it off. When he finally gets going, he launches from the North side of the bridge at around 40 MPH, does a no-handed backflip over the Thames River, and sticks the landing on the opposite side absolutely perfectly. He did explain his nervousness, caused by the fact that he wasn't sure how far down the landing he would end up. But, as you can see, it worked out quite well for him.

Now, if you're just some average joe, you'd basically have zero chance at ever getting the opportunity to jump this bridge. However, Robbie Maddison is known for his crazy stunts, and Red Bull has ways of making just about anything happen. So, who better to team up with than the company that's been behind him from the start? When Maddison brings out his dirt bike, you know interesting things are about to take place.


Maddison thrives in this setting, and he continually pushes the boundaries of the sport and raises the bar as high as it can possibly go. Back in the early and mid-2000s, it seemed like he was coming up with new and crazy ideas almost every day. It was quite a sight seeing the bridge all lit up as he completed the flip, and the pictures that were captured are just as epic.

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