chloe chambers slalom record
YouTube: Porsche

16-Year-Old Racer Sets Fastest Slalom Record in Porsche 718 Spyder


It seems like just the other day when we discussed how impressive Jia Qiang's record slalom run was. However, just last month, 16-year-old Chloe Chambers amazingly came along and broke the Guinness World Record for the fastest vehicle slalom in a production vehicle. This kart racer may be young, but she sure knows how to drive.

While the previous record was set at 48.114 seconds by Qiang using a Chevrolet Camaro, Chloe decides to use a beautiful Porsche 718 Spyder for her runs instead. She ended up with a 47.45 second run, over half a second quicker, crowning her as the new Guinness slalom record holder.

Chloe started her racing career in karting series racing, and she's also competed in autocross, winning a regional championship by age eight. It's safe to say she felt right at home behind the steering wheel of this sports car. Porsche even made a video to commemorate this amazing achievement of the record time. It showcases her multiple record attempts and really portrays her passion for motorsports.


It all takes place in New Jersey's Solberg Airport. Keep in mind that Chloe had multiple days of practice leading up to this particular day, as expected. Even on the day of the attempt, she ran multiple warm-up and practice runs. She gets her game face on as she lines up for some official runs.

On the attempt prior to the record-setting run, she manages to tie the current record time. This is when you can hear people in the video really begin to get excited. As she takes off on her final run, she executes everything absolutely perfectly. The tires were finally heated up enough for maximum grip, and it resulted in a faster time. You can see the relief in her face as she soaks in the moment once she's informed that she's the new world record holder.

It's awesome to see young racers from North America push the limits to what is possible. Continuing down this path, Chloe has a very bright future ahead of her in racing. Who knows? She could be the next Lewis Hamilton down the road. Regardless, this was an excellent example of some professional driving, and I look forward to hearing more about this girl in the future.

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