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World's Fastest Vehicle Slalom Is One Badass Stunt

Being fast doesn't always mean having the fastest car. Actually, the fastest times have a lot more to do with the person behind the wheel. Whether you're talking about quarter-mile drag racing, autocross, circuit racing, or half-mile racing, the concept applies in most cases. A talented driver is what you need if you're looking for fast times. Jia Qiang proved his talent when he took home the Guinness World Record for the fastest vehicle slalom back in 2018.

I will admit that I was a bit surprised to see that he used a Chevrolet Camaro RS on the slalom course. Not that it's not a good sports car, but, I mean, the vehicle isn't exactly known to be the most agile. Not to mention the fact that the Chevy Camaro's rear wheels are somewhat susceptible to oversteer while cornering. He was required to use a production car for this challenge, but I guess I just pictured some other performance car like a Ferrari, Porsche 911 turbo, or a Nissan GTR.

This racer proved me wrong, though. He put down an extremely impressive time of 48.114 seconds and brought home the record for not only himself, but also for Chevy. Even though he wasn't in a race car, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference, because that thing could hang with the fastest of cars on this track. This high-speed run is definitely a must-see!

Qiang was on an airstrip in Shaoguan, and he had three attempts to beat the record. On his first attempt, he finished with a time of 54.99 seconds. During his second attempt, he cleaned it up a bit and put down a time of 54.85 seconds. Now, I'm not sure what the hell happened between the second and third run, but he clearly had something click inside his head. His last attempt brought a time of 48.114 seconds. He shaved over 6.5 seconds off of his run!

Once he gets the confirmation that he is the new record holder, he even celebrates by burning the tires off of the Camaro. Who doesn't love some celebration skids? I'm impressed to say the least, and it even helped me open my eyes a bit to what a V6 Camaro is capable of. There's no doubt that was some fast driving.

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