Have you ever wondered why Porsche called their iconic car the 911? Jack Taylor / Stringer

In 1963, a tradition was born. The souped up Beetle known as the Porsche 911 was born. Since then, the formula hasn’t changed much. Sure, there are 911’s that are air cooled and ones that are water cooled, ones that breathe on their own and some that are force fed by turbines, some drive two wheels and others drive four, but the main ingredients stay the same. The engine goes in the back, and it will always be called ‘nine-eleven.’

Where the 911 name came from however is an interesting bit of trivia. Porsche originally called their creation the 901, but received a stern letter from Peugeot claiming to own the rights to the number-zero-number naming pattern. Since the emblem numbers were already produced, they didn’t want to totally scrap the idea, so instead, they just used spare one emblems to replace the zero and decided on 911.

The rest, as they say, is history.

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