Bad Parking Job

These Are Some of the Worst Parking Jobs of All Time


Being able to effectively park a car is a crucial part of learning how to drive. It's such a major part of your driver's test for a reason. Yet, somehow, the good majority of drivers out there really, really suck at it.

Here, we'll look at just 10 of the worst parking jobs of all time, courtesy of Reddit users.

1. Crosswalk Clusterf**k

I've seen people double park, park in a handicap spot when they shouldn't, and even park right in front of a "No Parking" sign. But parking in a crosswalk? That's just on a whole other level of terrible.

2. Are You Kidding Me?

What even is this? I don't think this can even technically be considered a parking job. It looks like someone just left the scene of an accident to do some shopping.


3. "No Parking" Means "No Parking"

Come on. This driver had to have been participating in a worst parking job competition. That's really the only explanation. Either that, or a raccoon was behind the wheel. No way an actual human driver could have parked like this.

4. Big Truck, Fail Hard

We get it, dude. You drive a big ass truck. You're also a big asshole with that awful excuse for a parking job.

5. You Can't Park There

Unless this grocery store happens to be the only one in the country with a valet service, this is in no way an acceptable place to drop off a vehicle.

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6. Back up Just a Little More, Bud

With this absolutely atrocious parking effort, this driver had to have been pretty desperate to get shamed on the Internet.

7. "Sterilize Stupid People"

This person should either switch up their bumper stickers, or go ahead and make that sterilization appointment ASAP.

8. License to Suck at Parking

This "sure is" not the type of parking job that will win you any friends.

9. Move. Your. Damn. Car.

10. Everyone Is Terrible

I can count more bad parking jobs here than good ones. Unbelievable.


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