Face Palm

10 People Share the Car Feature That Took Forever to Actually Notice


Especially with all the fancy features that cars come equipped with these days, it can be tough to immediately figure out exactly which button or knob or indicator does what. Sometimes, it can even take several months before discovering a feature that was right under your nose the whole time.

If it's ever taken you a ridiculously long time to discover a useful car feature, don't get too down on yourself. It happens to the best of us. Take these 10 Redditors, for example, who shared the feature that it took way too long for them to figure out.

Prepare to do some serious face palming.

1. Sunglass holder or sun roof?

2. It's a cold, cold wheel.

3. Let's shift gears just a little bit.

4. That seatbelt might need more adjusting. 

5. Take that AC to the max.

6. All about that bass.

7. Gas life, dash life.

8. Wheels keep on turning... up the volume.

9. "Whoa, back up. I have a back-up cam?"

10. A special shout-out to drivers everyone loves to hate.

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