McLaren MP4-12C

The 10 Car Paint Jobs So Crazy, You Won't Believe They're Real


Of all of the different types of body work you can do to a vehicle, a high-quality car paint job can really take your ride to that next level aesthetically unlike anything else. Sometimes a simple clear coat finish will do, especially as a new paint job. But other times, (especially if you have enough money to blow), going all out to get the never-before-seen paint job can go a long way in taking your ride from tastefully stylish to mindblowingly eye-popping.

While there are a whole host of amazing car paint jobs that could easily make this list, here are just 10 that will give you some serious respect for the art of auto painting.

10. Rainbow BMW i8

Every high-end ride could use a high-end paint job, and the quality work done on this BMW i8 is just about as good as any, not to mention that the vibrant paint colors seriously stand out. Can you imagine how much prep work this took?


9. BAPE Lamborghini Huracan

Bathing Ape has been known to treat us to some slick car paint jobs from time to time, and this Lamborghini Huracan paint job is no exception.

You'd definitely have drivers doing double takes if you pulled up alongside them in this bad boy.

8. Swarovski Mini Cooper


Britain meets Austria in this sleek-looking Mini Cooper that definitely looks to be filling a seriously specific need. It almost looks too good to drive.

7. Slayer Scion

"Hardcore" is not exactly the first word that comes to mind when it comes to the Toyota Scion, but this Slayer paint job is about as heavy metal as it gets.

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6. Lone Survivor Viper

You can't get much more American than this paint job paying tribute to the heroic Navy SEALs who gave their lives in the ill-fated Operation Red Wings that was dramatized both in the book and movie titled Lone Survivor.

5. Camo Mercedes-Benz AMG GT

Thanks to another outstanding paint job courtesy of BAPE, this ride would blend right into any forest backdrop during the scenic countryside drive.


4. Lamborghini Sharpie Gallardo

Whoa. Can you imagine how much time and effort it must've taken to pull off this paint job? The clear coat and intricate design on this is simply incredible.

We don't exactly have the funds for a Gallardo, but we imagine this paint job would look awesome on just about any ride. The next time we need a new coat of paint, we know what look we're going for.

3. 70s-Style McLaren MP4-12C


We have Hamann Motorsports to thank for this outrageous paint job, which took $120,000 to pull off. And it definitely shows. Just check out the insane attention to detail!

2. Lamborghini TRON

This tribute to the classic '80s sci-fi movie is giving us all sorts of nostalgia. The vibrant purple contrasting with the sharp outlining strips on the auto body is as slick as anything.

1. Snake Car


If you're afraid of snakes, this probably isn't the auto paint job for you. But, if you appreciate fantastic attention to detail and a top-notch camouflage look, this body paint job will probably be one of the coolest artistic project you've ever seen. It also hides small dents well and basically works as another version of scratch repair.

Let's just stay your average body shops or paint shop probably wouldn't be able to pull this off for an affordable auto painting price, but man they sure do make auto body paint work an art.

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