Scooter Road Rage

Scooter Rider Clings to Car Hood in Extreme Road Rage Incident

I'll admit, the recent scooter craze sweeping the country has gotten to be a little out of control. Make your way through most big cities, and it almost seems like there are more scooters than people on the streets. Sure, if you're a driver or a pedestrian, I can see how the whole scooter situation can be just a little bit frustrating at times.

But one driver from Everett, Massachusetts took out her hatred towards scooterists in one of the worst ways possible when she hit a scooter rider and left her clinging to the hood while she just drove off. Now, she's facing criminal charges.

As you can see from the footage of the road rage incident below, a woman is seen holding onto the hood of the car to avoid further injury, while a man, who was also riding the scooter, rolls over in the street after getting clipped by the runaway car.

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Per Boston 25 News:

A witness to the incident, which happened around 4 p.m. Tuesday on Broadway, followed the driver of the car and called 911. Police said they found the driver, Jakrah Pires, in Medford soon after it happened.

Pires, of Cambridge, was arrested and brought back to the Everett Police Department where she was charged with four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; leaving the scene of an accident with personal injury; and driving to endanger.

Luckily, the scooter riders both walked away with only minor injuries, but Ms. Pires will probably be doing a little more than just minor jail time. So, let this be a common sense lesson to all your drivers out there: no matter how much you hate scooters, you can't just go around hitting them with your car.

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