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From Russia with Lust: This Couple Driving Through Moscow Just Couldn’t Wait to Get It On

You know those commercials for that erectile dysfunction medication Cialis that ends with the slogan "When the moment's right, will you be ready?" Well, everyone's "moment" is different, and the "moment" for one couple apparently happened to be cruising down a Moscow highway at 45 MPH. Pretty far removed from watching the sunset from separate bathtubs, but to each their own.

In any case, being out and about on the road really got the two Russian lovebirds' engines revving. So much so that they treated passing motorists to a public sex session. Footage of the risqué roadway rendezvous, complete with hysterics from the guy filming and his passenger, ended up going viral on Russian social network VK back in June 2017, racking up more than 300,000 views and 900 likes.

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"This guy is a true Caesar," wrote the original poster of the video.

"He is doing several things at the same time, he is driving his car and having sex. We only hope that this risky couple did not break any traffic rules. We do not recommend repeating it."

Just a thought here, but a couple willing to have sex in plain view of everyone probably isn't the type to take outside recommendations or advice.

But here's the real kicker from the video.

Per The Sun:

The driver was praised for driving the Hyundai - whose motto is New Thinking, New Possibilities - and being "attentive to his partner at the same time".

Hey, I guess that is some pretty impressive multitasking, and it's honestly a shock that they didn't get into a serious accident. If they had, then it probably wouldn't have made for the nicest of cleanups.

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