nails instead of tires experiment
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Car Guru Uses 1,000s of Nails to Replace Front Tires, Goes for Test Drive


Russian YouTuber Vlad is all about pulling off wacky car-based experiments, and for his latest video with the Garage 54 team, he really hit the nail on the head. Or, more like 6,000 nails, to be exact.

The process of welding 3,000 nails each to the two front tires of a Lada 110 was a extensive project in and of itself, but somehow, the car guru and his crack team found a way to get everything rolling pretty effectively.

Per Jalopnik:


They first welded some sheetmetal to a steelie to create a flat surface on which to weld nails. From there, they literally tacked each nail to the rim. One by one. Three thousand per wheel. That must have taken forever.

But eventually, they got it done. Vlad gave his his ridiculous nail-tires a spin

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When Vlad and his crew were finally ready to go out and test drive their creation, the nails held up pretty well. At least for a little while. Once Vlad gunned the Lada, it became pretty clear that he was working with tires made of nails and not, you know, actually effective rubber tires.

As soon as he gassed up the car a bit, the left side wheel ended up giving out. Then, Vlad gunned it even more, which caused the driver's side door to fly open. Eventually, the other tire was somewhat shot, too.

All and all, not a terrible end to the experiment, especially considering that the wheels weren't evenly balanced or anything. We wonder what sort of crazy project these guys will come up with next.


This post was originally published on December 6, 2018.

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