Tape Tires YouTube: Garage 54 ENG

If you’re ever bored and mindlessly searching through YouTube, there are hundreds and hundreds of videos of people trying their hand at off-the-wall DIY car projects. Some of these projects work, and some of them don’t.

File this Russian’s attempt to use 600 roles of electrical tape as a tire replacement under the “doesn’t work” pile.

Sure, the whole thing did make for a pretty interesting experiment, but you pretty much knew the end result was going to be the tape getting absolutely shredded.

Although, if you get a flat and don’t happen to have a spare, having a boatload of electrical tape on hand may be good for getting you, I don’t know, 100 feet? So there’s that. In all honestly, you’d probably be better off just calling AAA or even just driving on the flat.

If you want to check out some more videos other from the Garage 54 ENG channel though, this guy does do a lot of interesting projects, from the awesome to the straight-up off-the-wall.

Take this rubber chicken exhaust mod, for example.

What crazy experiment will this guy think up next?

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