Russian Girl Jumping into Lake

Russian Girl Tries Cannonballing into Lake, Ends up Regretting it Big Time

I don't know what it is about the folks in Russia and attempting ill-advised stunts, but it must have something to do with either intense feelings of boredom, the below-freezing temperatures, or the easy access to copious amounts of quality vodka. But, most likely, it's a mix of all three.

Whether they're going fishing with hand grenades or driving tanks through the streets, you can usually bet that if there's a hair-brained stunt to make news in Russia, it usually ends in disaster. At least when there's a camera involved.

One Russian girl lived up to the time-honored tradition of the Russia fail video, when she stripped down to her underwear and tried cannonballing into a lake. In theory, she would've jumped in for the shock value, quickly gotten out to avoid serious frostbite, and that would've been that. The only problem was that the lake was frozen solid. One broken ankle and a bruised ego later, and she became something of a viral sensation.

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Who knows what motivated the girl to try the stunt? Maybe she thought it would get her more Instagram followers or something.

Interestingly enough though, Russians jumping into freezing cold lakes is something of a tradition around this time of year.

Per The Sun:

Russians often jump into ice cold lakes as a celebration for the new year or Epiphany, a celebration of the baptism of Jesus.

This practice usually takes place in January, the middle of Russian winter, although they probably check the water isn't frozen over first.

Well, if she was trying to celebrate the Epiphany, she was only a couple months off, which is fitting, considering how off she was with the jump. Maybe next time she gets the idea to try another stunt like that, she'll have an epiphany of her own and...just not do it.

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