Washington DC road rage

Road Rage Round-up: Things Take a Turn for the Extreme in Washington D.C.

From the heated yelling match to the full-blown violent outburst, road rage occurs in a number of forms every day all around the world. "Road Rage Round-up" is a series that focuses only on the craziest road rage stories of the week, and, if this doesn't convince you to take it a little bit easier on the road, nothing will.

This week's edition of "Road Rage Round-up" is proof that rage on the roadways is a universal language, whether you're in Washington D.C., Canada, or even all the way over in Kenya.

We've got a full-blown street fight and not one, but two instances of car hood-based catastrophes. In other news, people really need to learn how to get a grip on their emotions.

Complete Craziness in Washington D.C.

Just when I thought I'd seen it all when it came to road rage, this had to go and happen. It starts out crazy enough when the lady starts bashing the bus with the tire iron, and escalates into something out of Grand Theft Auto when she almost flattens the bus driver with her car.

The video starts right in the middle of the pandemonium, but here's what the scene was leading up to what we see in the above footage.

Per WUSA 9:

Around 6 p.m., police said a woman driving an Audi illegally passed a Greyhound bus moving in the same direction in the 1800 block of Bladensburg Road.

The bus driver tried to talk to the woman, but police said she grew irate and broke out into a verbal argument. She did not identify herself to the bus driver.

"You're a crazy driver, you need to get off the road," said the bus driver. That's when police said the woman went into the trunk of her gold car and pulled out a wooden baseball bat and began to hit the right side of Greyhound bus, cracking the windshield.

Unbelievable. Just unbelievable.

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Canadian Guy Goes on the Worst Ride of His Life

Apparently, this just so happens to be a week for folks to go on impromptu car hood rides. This particular incident went down in Canada, which as we've seen before, has just as bad road rage as anywhere else in the U.S.

Per CBC:

Dave Yeomans, the man clinging to the vehicle, said Wednesday he heard the car's engine "revving underneath" him, and wondered how long it would take for the driver to "come to his senses."

Yeomans estimated he was carried on top of the vehicle for 500 meters before the driver "abruptly" hit the brakes, "I guess trying to slide me off the hood," he said.

The incident started when he refused to allow another car to merge in front of him, Yeomans said. The other driver became incensed and started shouting profanities at him.

The two vehicles eventually came to a stop in a lane of traffic. Yeomans said the other driver got out of his car and threw a tool box toward him.

"Then he went back to his car, so I got out to take a picture of his licence plate and maybe him, and then he sped towards me," he said.

Yeomans said he jumped on the hood of the man's car so he "wouldn't get hit." He remembers thinking, "'Just hold on to the hood and wiper blades, and hope he doesn't swerve.'"

"Just hold on to the hood and hope he doesn't swerve" is actually a pretty apt metaphor for life, if you think about it.

Kenya Feel the Rage Tonight?

There isn't too much back story to this video of road rage in Kenya, but I'll tell you what, that guy in the vest definitely came to throw down. Throwing punches, kicks, a bottle (?), and even a head butt there at the end, he was ready to dish out some solid punishment.

It's not often you can find the bright side to a violent road rage video, but hey, at least no one ended up getting hit with a car in the end.

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