From the heated yelling match to the full-blown violent outburst, road rage occurs in a number of forms every day all around the world. “Road Rage Round-up” is a series that focuses only on the craziest road rage stories of the week, and, if this doesn’t convince you to take it a little bit easier on the road, nothing will.

In this week’s edition of Road Rage Round-up, we have further proof that people from all over the place can be jerks on the road. It doesn’t matter if you’re from Toledo, Toronto, or Florida. People are willing to confront other drivers over the smallest of inconveniences, even if that means holding up traffic to do so.

Simply put:

“Call the Cops! Call the Cops!”

In this particular instance of road rage in Toledo, it’s not the fight itself but the guys behind the camera that really make the video. Making fun of the guy for yelling, “call the cops!” and then screaming out, “It’s a tattletale!” is some pure comedy gold.

Of course, road rage is usually no joking matter, but if you’re trying to be a tough guy in a situation and then you turn around and have your girlfriend phone the police, it’s hard not to find that just a little bit funny.

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We Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Traffic with a Fistfight

The major stereotype aboot Canada is that everyone there is really nice, but apparently road rage even happens in the Great White North. Here’s how this traffic-interrupting throwdown in Toronto all went down from an eyewitness’s perspective.

Per Toronto Sun:

[Christian] Patrick said a tan-colored car apparently pulled out into traffic from being parked, cutting off a white Toyota Corolla. Then, he says, the tan car “brake-checked” the Corolla, causing a domino-effect of other drivers behind having to brake quickly.

“The driver in front was being really aggressive,” Patrick, 42, a social media editor, told the Sun on Tuesday.

“There was one punch thrown by the losing guy in the fight and that precipitated everything, because he came out of his car.”

Patrick, who recorded the fight, says his 32-second clip was the full brawl.

Spit Happens

Having someone spit on your windshield can seem like a fairly tame expression of road rage, especially when considering the other more extreme methods that can be used to escalate roadway confrontations. But according to the person on the other end of this road rage incident in Florida, the spit take wasn’t quite as harmless as it appeared.

Per ViralHog/YouTube:

“My first encounter with the man was him hanging out the window yelling ‘Do you want to die today? I will F’ing kill you right now.’ until the light changed in which I ended up behind him on Fruitville Road turning onto US 41 in Sarasota. I took out my phone to video any potential interactions with the guy. I found out that this man has violence charges on his record. The police are pursuing ways to charge him with something but hasn’t been any results yet.”

Yikes. It doesn’t really get much scarier than that.

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