From the heated yelling match to the full-blown violent outburst, road rage occurs in a number of forms every day all around the world. ?Road Rage Round-up? is a series that focuses only on the craziest road rage stories of the week, and, if this doesn?t convince you to take it a little bit easier on the road, nothing will.

Another week, another batch of fired-up folks in need of some serious anger management. With that in mind, be sure to stay safe this weekend, folks. You never know what kind of crazy is out there on the road. Speaking of crazy…

Old Timers Throw Down on London Highway

I’ve never gotten people who have no problem fighting on a busy highway. One wrong move, and you could end up laid out on someone’s windshield or trapped under a set of tires. But I guess that’s why they call it blinding rage, because these two British old timers only seemed to be focused on their hatred for each other.

The road rage showdown started out as a legit boxing match, but quickly deescalated into what looked like two brothers fighting over shotgun. Hopefully, these two were able to work things out in the end and made their way back to the ol’ nursing home in one piece.

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No Chill Til Brooklyn

Clearly, these two dudes were late to an MMA tryout and decided to practice some of their moves on a busy New York City street. Maybe not quite ready for the UFC call-up, but they definitely showed some potential.


Again, not sure why they, like the two old British dudes, had to settle things right in the middle of traffic. They could have at least pulled off to a more secluded spot to duke it out.

But then we wouldn’t have this video to make fun of.

It’s Not Always Sunny in New Jersey

Per YouTube/

Pasquale Dangelantonio, of Washington Township, was charged Friday with harassment and criminal mischief after a road-rage confrontation with a 22-year-old driver in his Gloucester County hometown on Thursday. According the official statements, the man also had opened his door, hitting the woman driver’s car, and then started banging on her passenger door and window, threatening to kill her.

Tell us how you really feel, Pasquale. I’m not trying to say that everyone from New Jersey is a jerk, but this guy definitely didn’t do New Jerseyans any favors with his “fake tough guy” performance.

Between a Car and a Hard Place

Wow. This clip may only be seven seconds, but there’s definitely a lot to unpack here. From the guy sticking his hand into the driver’s window to the Good Samaritan trying to intervene to the driver just taking off to the guy getting sandwiched between the car and the van to the catapulting shoe.


I thought I’d seen it all when it came to road rage, but this is really something else.

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