patron tequila train car

This Patrón Tequila Train Car Has Quite the Amazing History Behind It

Metro-North bar cars may remain a thing of dreams for some time, but head off to California and make some friends, and you may gain entrance to the holiest of holies.

The Patrón Tequila Express.

Yes, it exists, and Twitter user @RailFanCA recently caught a glimpse as it sped by, pulled behind Amtrak's California Zephyr between Auburn and Colfax, Calif.

It's current distance from Connecticut is not the only piece of bad news. The Patrón Tequila Express is private, owned by John Paul DeJoria, founder of Patrón Spirits Company.

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Among the more common notable guests is actor Dan Aykroyd, a fried of DeJoria's.

The car itself is a throwback. Originally Gulf Mobile & Ohio Railroad Car #50, the car is a restored 1927 vintage rail car, one of only 2,000 to be made.

Before bought by DeJoria, the car hauled passengers like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Huey P. Long and Clark Gable, among others.

Meanwhile, back in on the New Haven line, Grand Central's 18 popular bar carts were shut down in 2017 after a Metro-North spot audit found irregularities and the railroad opened a theft investigation.

The last bar cars were seen in Connecticut in 2014, and plan to start serve alchohol on the trains again was stalled when the transit funding purse got tighter. Ten new train cars were supposed to be designated "cafe cars," but it was not to be.

"[It] was looking more and more expensive," DOT spokesman Judd Everhart told the Hartford Courant "and it was ultimately decided to just suspend the program."

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