There’s nothing funny about leaving the scene of an accident, but a Maryland man captured the aftermath of an epic hit-and-run crash using a cell phone video and added in some profanity-laced commentary that would make Samuel L. Jackson proud. While we don’t want to make light of any driving behavior that could have resulted in a fatal accident, this video is oddly entertaining.

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As funny as the video’s language is, some of the property damage found at the scene of the crash is almost as comical, such as the poor Toyota Corolla that appears to have taken the brunt of the impact and the CV axle impaled in the rear bumper of an innocent Chevrolet Silverado. The hit-and-run accident collected no fewer than eight vehicles, and while there is lots of property damage, there doesn’t seem to be any serious injuries reported with this traffic crash.

There are no police reports that the hit-and-run driver has been caught, but judging by the amount of parts and the trail of oil leaving the accident scene, it shouldn’t be too hard for police to track down the disabled vehicle. We’d love to see the accident report for this, and we’re sure the driver’s car insurance company would too.

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