Game Over! Dad Drives Over Xbox to Punish Son for Stealing


This father caught his son lying to him about stealing candy. It seems harmless enough, as kids will be kids, but some parents know how important it is to teach the necessary lessons right from the start. So, he gives his son two choices: The belt or the Xbox?

The kid eventually elects to take the whooping over losing his Xbox, just as his dad thought he would. So, he calls his bluff and runs over the gaming system anyway! RIP, Xbox. We hardly knew ye.

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Now, the YouTube comment section pretty much unanimously sided with the dad in his disciplinary decision, and while you could probably argue that there are a few good lessons to be gleaned from this Xbox destruction, the guy doesn't exactly comes off like a saint either.

First of all, the way he holds the belt the entire time like he might just change his mind at any second and start unleashing a beatdown is pretty disconcerting. Just put the belt down, man! You've made your point! Also, his decision to not beat his kid "because I ain't going to jail..." I mean, I guess it was a thought process that eventually led him to his non-violent actions, but maybe not the most compelling reason. Not exactly a World's Greatest Dad moment, but worst things could've happened

All in all, what we've got here is a mix of old school and new school parenting. The old school being the belt wielding, threat of corporal punishment, and cussing at the kid. The new school being running over the video game system in an SUV. Oh, and uploading the whole thing to YouTube. Welcome to the 21st century.

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