attempted carjacking

Watch the Intense Moment a Robber Tries Carjacking Police in the UK

This intense video from out of the United Kingdom is like something straight out of Grand Theft Auto. What starts as the armed robbery of a convenience store ends with an attempted police carjacking, and the fact that it was all just over alcohol and cigarettes makes it that much more wild.

Per LiveLeak:

An armed robber has been sent to prison for 14 years after a string of offenses earlier this year. Owen Smith, 29, unemployed of no fixed address pleaded guilty on August 30 at Hove Crown Court to assault by beating a police constable, possession of an offensive weapon, namely a baseball bat, robbery and taking a police vehicle without consent. He was sentenced at Hove Crown Court on Tuesday.

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This just goes to show that there are plenty of crazy people out there who are willing to do pretty much anything to get what they want. If back-up hadn't come as quickly as it did, things could have gone south in a matter of minutes. Who knows what this would-be carjacker would have done if he had actually gotten away with the carjacking. Clearly, his buddy wasn't willing to stick around to find out. Booze and cigs are cool and all, but apparently not everyone is willing to go all GTA for them.

Considering that he earned himself 14 years in prison, Mr. Smith will definitely have plenty of time to reflect on exactly how he got to the point in his life where he was willing to commit armed robbery, assault a cop, and try to steal a cop car all over a quick buzz.

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