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Why Black Is the Best Car Color


Your car is an expression of who you want to be. As such, picking the right color becomes paramount to exuding your personality. Do you prefer a spicy color such as jalapeño green, a more traditional look like a silver or something in between?

It turns out your car's color won't only display your personality; it can influence other factors such as your vehicle's resale value. Using this approach, along with styling insights, here's why black is the best paint color to choose.


Versatile Style

Black has a timeless quality that meshes with classic and retro designs. Additionally, it provides the right punch of aggression for newer vehicles. To demonstrate, Chevrolet released their Midnight Edition trims on some of their newer models, which features all black design elements such as wheels, door handles and more. The Silverado is a prime example of how black can elevate a vehicle's exterior profile.


Paying Homage to the Past

Cars have played an influential role in culture, with some of the most popular being black. The Model T's most dominant paint color from 1914 to 1926 was black, due to it being durable and inexpensive. The 1970 Dodge Charger featured in The Fast and the Furious had a black paint color--this was a movie which helped to bring street racing culture to the forefront.


And who can forget Tim Burton's Batmobile? That car was where it was at, and the black paint color added the right mix of flair and attitude.

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Good resale value

Choosing black as your paint color will net you one of the highest returns in resale value. Black is currently the third best color for resale value, according to Kelley Blue Book. The top two are silver and white. So not only will your vehicle look sharp when you choose black for its paint color, future buyers might be enticed by it as well.

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