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What Should You Do When Your Washer Fluid Warning Light Comes On?

Cars nowadays are normally pretty good at letting you know when something is wrong. They've got sensors in practically everything, but that means there are tons of different warning light icons to decipher. The low washer fluid light is among one of those that stumps certain car owners.

Your Washer Fluid Warning Light Is On...Now What?

The washer system we use on our windshields is a pretty useful thing to have in a vehicle. Utilizing the washer nozzles and wiper blades, it only takes a few seconds to clean the glass. We often take this feature for granted, but it's not until you run out of fluid that you realize how bad you need it. Typically, when the sun shines directly on the windshield, that's when you'll notice it the most. With no fluid, you'll be stuck stopping at a gas station to clean your windshield the old fashioned way.

In select vehicles, the washer fluid reservoir will be monitored by a fluid level sensor. When the windshield washer fluid level level gets too low, it'll display a yellow icon on the dash in the shape of a windshield with dotted-lines spraying out. This indicator is basically warning you to refill the washer tank before it completely goes dry. Running the system dry also risks damaging the washer fluid pump.

The windshield washer fluid reservoir is located in the engine bay. Simply pop the hood, and you'll find a tank in there with the same icon on it as what the dash was showing. Top off the tank with some windshield wiper fluid, and you'll be good to go. Next time you turn on your vehicle, the low windshield washer fluid warning light should automatically turn off. If the light stays on but you know the reservoir is full, you may have a bad sensor that needs to be replaced.

If this light ever pops up on your dash, don't stress about it. It's a simple fix, and really just more of a reminder to get yourself a refill. That said, it's best to fill it up as soon as you can so the light can go away, and your vision while driving can significantly improve.

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