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The WideWheel Pro Is One of the Best Electric Scooters on the Market


The WideWheel Pro is a powerful commuter scooter. Unlike many commuter scooters, this scooter has an extremely long battery life. It also doesn't use air-filled pneumatic tires, so you'll never catch a flat on your way to work. The WideWheel Pro is Mercane's attempt at an affordable yet powerful commuter scooter that gets riders where they need to go easily.

In comparison to other e-scooters on the market, the WideWheel Pro is extremely cheap at $1,299.00. Durable e-scooters with long battery lives can get extremely expensive. The WideWheel Pro is here to change that and provide an affordable, tough, and fast alternative to the average overpriced electric scooter.

Mercane WideWheel Pro Specs

The WideWheel pro electric scooter is the e-scooter of your dreams. The folding mechanism makes commuting a breeze. The WideWheel pro has an LCD display, LED lights, 500w motors, and a dual-spring suspension for maximum durability. The powerful 48v 15ah lithium-ion battery promises a premium long-range riding experience.


The wide tires and long battery life make it one of the best electric scooters on the market. It's even got an eco mode to conserve energy. This thing is completely foldable (including the folding handlebars), and the off-road capabilities make it every commuter's dream. Even when hill climbing, the WideWheel guarantees a smooth ride (and a powerful one), thanks to the dual motor and ultra-wide airless tires.

The disc brakes allow riders to stop on a dime, even at top speed, though we don't recommend that, as this scooter's got the speed to compete with many e-bikes. It's even got cruise control, so riders can have the easiest riding experience possible. The Mercane WideWheel pro is built to satisfy. Thankfully, it's available on Amazon in standard or CLE edition with keylock, despite its high demand.

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