woman shaves legs on scooter
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Woman Shaves Legs While on Motor Scooter


At this point, nothing that happens in the state of Florida should really shock you. We've definitely covered our fair share of Florida-related shenanigans on Alt_driver.

You've read about the Florida man who discovered a World War II grenade in a Taco Bell parking lot. You've seen the Florida man who drove an ATV right into a swimming pool. There's the Fred Flintstone lookalike who got pulled over while driving a full-size Flintmobile replica. There's the other guy who drove a motorcycle down a Jacksonville highway with just his feet.

Needless to say, a lot of wild stuff goes down in the Sunshine State. So, when we saw the above video of a woman straight-up dry shaving her legs while on the back of a motor scooter in Miami, that was pretty much just par for the course. All part of the ongoing Mad Libs game that is Florida.

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Now, not to be that guy or anything (but definitely to be that guy), but it's clear that looks was this woman's priority over safety, since neither her nor the driver were wearing helmets. Proper skincare definitely wasn't a priority either, you know, judging from the lack of shaving cream and all that.

Also, I'm not sure why she was drinking Red Bull either. It's not like sunbathing exactly requires a maximum amount of energy. But, hey, now I'm just nitpicking.

As the Orlando Sentinel points out, "there currently is no Florida statute prohibiting leg-shaving on motorized vehicles."

Clearly, a tongue-in-cheek observation, but you never know. There are some crazy laws out there.

This post was originally published on February 13, 2019.

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