rubber chicken exhaust mod
YouTube: Garage 54

This Rubber Chicken Exhaust Mod Is Cluckin' Hilarious

When auto mechanics are bored or restless, they can find some pretty unique and hilarious ways to cut up and pass the time. Off-the-wall experiments, if you will.

Over at the YouTube channel Garage 54, Vlad -- the man in front of the camera -- has made viral hit after viral hit with his mechanic-based experiments, which include replacing springs with basketballs, detonating a tire in a car, and using 6,000 nails to replace a tire.

For one of his sillier videos, Vlad decided to make a rubber chicken exhaust mod. Genius! Just try not to pee your pants while watching this nonsense!

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You wouldn't think much of it at first glance, but stuffing a bunch of rubber chickens with squeeze-activated noisemakers in them into your car's exhaust will unleash a sound so ridiculous and loud that you can't help laugh hysterically as the car pulls away. Okay, so maybe you did think all that at first glance.

As you can see from some of the video's comments, plenty of folks (if you don't count the usual trolls) got a real kick out of this experiment.

"Imagine a high-speed chase with this," writes on commenter. I did, and it was hilarious. Another writes, "And that's why the chicken didn't cross the road," and a third said, "This is the grown-up version of putting playing cards in your bicycle tire spokes." Both not wrong!

But, the comment that brought me the most joy out of all the rest was, "I plan on driving my teenage daughter to school with this exact same exhaust setup dressed in a chicken outfit."

I know this was probably just a joke to get likes, but I really, truly want this to be real, and I want there to be video of it. This needs to happen!

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This post was originally published on December 22, 2016.

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