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YouTube: Dgustafsson13

This Incredibly Intricate Lego Gearbox Is a Modern Marvel

YouTube is a certified treasure trove of expert gearheads really doing their thing, with video after video of engineers putting together sick car mods or DIY enthusiasts crafting incredible inventions seemingly out of nothing. Judging from the above video, YouTuber Dgustafsson13 is a prime example of someone with some serious engineering skills. I mean, you'd think that we were one step closer to having a working car built entirely out of Legos after watching this kid do his thing.

The teenage inventor of car-related Lego gadgets came up with the idea of building a gearshift out of the plastic bits and boxes, and the thing actually works. He created the six-speed gearbox with functioning input and output shafts, and, to top it all off, you can shift the gears and actually see the output spin faster or slower depending on what gear you're in.

The whole thing is incredible, and when there's actually a fleet of Lego brick laden vehicles patrolling America's streets, we'll all have Dgustafsson13 to thank. Of course, the safety features would need some serious fleshing out, but that's a project for another time.

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Now, if that video inspired you to put together a gearbox of your own, you can always buy yourself a kit on Amazon. For less than $15, you can get the Lego Technic Differential Gearbox Kit.

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It's probably important to mention that this Lego gearbox doesn't come with any building instructions and the Lego parts don't come in a box. Just 27 pieces worth of gears, pins, axles, and connectors in a cellophane bag. But, hey, that's what YouTube is for.

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