With a simple pulled fuse, there is nothing this diesel Dodge Ram can’t do Chelsea DeNofa / Youtube

When a professional drifter needs to dry off his kart track, do you expect him to bust out a leaf blower? Of course not! You expect him to drift it dry. And that’s exactly what Chelsea DeNofa did. He didn’t even care that a diesel Dodge Ram was all he had at his disposal. Plus, Diesel Dodge Drifter is fun to say.

Just pull a fuse for the ABS and turn traction control off and a Ram becomes a surprisingly capable drifter. Tons of torque, rear wheel drive and no weight over the drive wheels make for the most fun track drier you could ever wish for. Except it didn’t really seem to help the track that much.

Just remember to put the fuses back in if you ever want to stop on the street without putting flat spots in your tires.

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