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This Remote Control Fire Truck That Doubles as a Flamethrower Would Make for an Epic Christmas Gift

When it comes to the hectic craziness of the Christmas season, the struggle to one-up yourself every year on the gift-giving front is a real one.

Hey, I get it. It'd be a lot easier if you could just stuff Christmas cards with cash and mail them to everyone on your Christmas list, but that move is strictly reserved for great aunts. So, unless you're a great aunt, you'll need to think outside of the box this year.

Thankfully, I have the perfect suggestion: a remote control fire truck that also doubles as a flamethrower.

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I don't care if you get this for your pyromaniac nephew or your bored grandpa, pretty much anyone can appreciate this gift. Because let's face it: Remote control toys that shoot out fire are fun for folks of all ages. It's just a fact.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure where exactly you would be able to buy this fire truck/flamethrower hybrid. You could always just make it like the guy in the video, but if you're not exactly a high-level DIY type, that might present some problems.

I mean, it is 2018. You could always probably just Google "fire truck flamethrower" and have a whole bunch of options to choose from on Amazon. It's a safe bet that something like this is available for purchase somewhere. Sure, you may have to go the black market route, but if you end up pleasantly surprising that special person in your life, wouldn't it all be worth it in the end?

Now, if you do happen to come across the fire truck flamethrower that you're looking for, you probably want to put some sort of age limit on who you get this for. Let's say, maybe no one under the age of 10. You wouldn't want any of your young relatives to burn down the house during this year's annual Christmas party. That'd definitely be a real bummer.

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