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This No-Idle AC System for Semi Trucks Is an Absolute Game Changer

Life as a truck driver certainly comes with its challenges. One of the main ones is staying comfortable while constantly on the go. Drivers treat their trucks like their own homes, and why shouldn't they? It's where they spend just about every second away from their actual homes. If you're a driver and you're stuck in a truck that doesn't have an APU (auxiliary power unit), the challenges become even greater.

No APU means you're not going to have an air conditioner while the truck is off. This leaves you with only a few alternatives to beating the heat. Letting the truck idle while you sleep, buying some portable cooling fans, or rolling down the windows are some of those options. Most truckers will end up in some pretty hot environments, so sometimes even the alternatives just don't cut it. However, Volta Air may have a better option.

Introducing the iQ A/C comfort system, a no-idle AC unit for trucks that can be recharged while driving. It's powered by a smart auxiliary battery bank that sends power to either the full-electric A/C unit or the inverter if the truck is off. This air conditioning system will give you 10-14 hours of cooling! Not only will it keep you cool, but it also helps save thousands on fuel cost, vehicle maintenance, and downtime by simply reducing idling time. It's also easily integrated with a 110V/60Hz stand-by electric compressor.

If you want to order this air conditioning unit, it will cost just under $4,000. That will get you the evaporator, condenser, and controller. Installation materials such as the AC lines, fitting, drain, and wiring are also included. Keep in mind, this does not include the battery box.

If you wish to add the battery box as well, it will tack on an additional $1,000. However, with it comes a full between-frames aluminum box, four batteries, cable attachments, an auxiliary battery box, a main charging cable harness, necessary fuses and fuse blocks, a low voltage disconnect module, and battery holding brackets.

Think about the energy efficiency and the energy savings! This is something that every truck driver without an APU should put on their wishlist. If you're looking for some more specs on the unit, I'd recommend checking out Volta Air's website, so you can get all the information you need.

Summer brings some serious heat, especially if you're down South. Don't force yourself to struggle through this tough season. Air conditioning is a must-have for comfort, and it makes all the difference. This alternative solution for power just made that trucking job a whole lot more enjoyable.

This post was originally published on June 10, 2020.

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