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The 2020 El Camino Is Nothing More Than a Vicious Internet Hoax

Pretty much every car website on the internet has an article on "the new El Camino" or, more specifically, the 2020 El Camino. Some have even found or produced renderings and strongly implied they come from Chevrolet designers. These are unanimous fakes.

So, we at alt_driver want to make one thing clear. The 2020 El Camino is not a thing. And, it won't be. So calm down, internet. If we ever see a new El Camino, it won't have a 2020 release date.

The 2020 El Camino

There's a reason the internet is having a hard time letting go of the 2020 El Camino coupe. There's simply nothing quite like the El Camino on the market. Unless, of course, you want a Subaru Baja, but if you're an El Camino type you're probably not a Baja type.

No, you won't find any other pickup truck with style and muscle to match the Chevy El Camino. The Chevy Silverado 1500 is a beautiful option, but it features an entirely different type of drivetrain, powertrain, and platform configuration. So, if you want the styling, specs, and wheelbase of the El Camino, you'll have to go for the real deal and purchase one of the old model years.

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Which El Camino Should You Buy?

There are a few options to consider when it comes El Caminos. I'd recommend the Chevy El Camino SS, which features the powerful turbo version of the Chevy El Camino engine and, of course, iconic Chevy El Camino interior. If you've decided you're in the market for a Chevrolet El Camino SS, keep reading for more information.

Chevy El Camino Price

To purchase a Chevrolet El Camino SS, you'll need to shell out somewhere between $10,000 and $40,000. The biggest factors in pricing an El Camino SS are the desirability of the model year and how well the unit has been kept.

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