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O'Reilly's Flux Capacitor Is Here to Get Us Out of 2020

2020 has been quite interesting. Can someone please build a time machine so we can time travel at least 30 years from now? Anyone with me? Okay cool, because I think I found exactly what we needed to get out of this messy era. The O'Reilly Flux Capacitor is here to save the day. Great Scott!

O'Reilly Auto Parts has a Flux Capacitor on their website. (For entertainment purposes only.) Darn, I wish I could buy the "Back to the Future" gag gift for fans of the classic movie.

Flux Capacitor

  • Part number 121g
  • Non-functional item not for sale
  • Featured in online catalog just for fun!

The product information details on the web page are impeccable. Whoever wrote this is truly a Back to the Future fan. 121 gigawatts of electrical power, plutonium material compatibility, the working speed of 88 MPH, and a maximum power of 121 gigawatts. Sounds legit to me.

O'Reilly does not carry plutonium. They encourage you to contact your local supplier. You also need the stainless steel body of a 1981-1983 DeLorean DMC-12 for the Flux Capacitor to function properly. Once you've got the DeLorean ready to go, you're all set.

Plutonium is used by the nuclear reactor, which powers the time travel gadget. The time machine travels at 88 mph. Not sure if it's working correctly? The light coming from the Flux Capacitor pulses until it becomes a steady stream of light before time travel begins! Gadget not working? Well, have fun in the year 2020.

Emmett Brown wants you to travel at your own risk, y'all. Visit oreillyauto.com for all of your auto needs.

Brick Loot - Exclusive Flux Capacitor Set and Deluxe LED Lighting Kit - Custom Design - Handmade - Compatible with All Major Brand Brick Blocks

Real men build Flux Capacitors though. Kidding, but you can build an awesome replica of the gadget with Brick Loot's LED lighting kit.

Amazon customers say it's a great gift idea for Back to the Future fans. Many are gifting the nostalgic piece to their husbands, parents, and more. Christmas, Father's Day, and birthdays creep up before you know it. Grab this sweet gift for your favorite time travel enthusiast.

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