A DeLorean owner gets the most perfect speeding ticket


For a new DeLorean owner, going 88 mph is the equivalent of smashing a champagne bottle on a brand new boat's bow. Getting proof of that first momentous accomplishment in the form of a speeding ticket is like getting a trophy for the best bottle smash.

That's exactly what Spencer White received on a highway trip with his mom to show off his new time traveling machine.  According to the Santa Clarita Valley Signal, Spencer was merging onto the highway and reached 85 mph.  When you're anywhere in the 80's in an under powered DeLorean you take full advantage and go for the coveted 88 mph mark.  Doing anything else would be a waste of all that hard earned momentum.  Spencer told the signal :

"I thought, let's take it up to 88 mph. I only got three more miles to go."
Surprisingly, instead of being sent back to 1955, White was pulled over in present time and given a speeding ticket. Who would have thought? The officer clocked him at exactly 88 and they had quite the chuckle over the whole thing, he even asked if Spencer had a flux capacitor before issuing the ticket.
In the world of DeLorean owners, this is a badge of honor and well worth a couple hundred bucks.
N0w, if White can just get his hands on some plutonium, he can just go back in time and prevent the whole thing from happening. Even more importantly, he could even go back to the early 80's with an LS engine and drop it off at John DeLorean's front door and avoid the horrid PRV six cylinder engine all together.  Nothing else could be more important.