c-5 galaxy takeoff
YouTube: 235FireFly

Largest Plane in U.S. Air Force Takes Off in Jaw-Dropping Video


Feast your eyes on this absolutely massive machine. What you're looking at is a Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, and it's the largest aircraft in the United States Air Force fleet. Its job is to transport either personnel or valuable large cargo wherever it needs to go. The video above captures one taking off from Gander International Airport, and it really showcases just how big and loud these planes are.

It may be rainy, but that certainly isn't going to stop this behemoth. As it gets rolling, it almost appears to be moving in slow motion, however, when it gets a bit closer, you start to hear the scream of the engines. Remember, it's on a 10,500-foot runway, and it needs just about every bit of it to get up to speed. If the giant cloud of mist behind it wasn't a clear enough indication, these engines are moving serious amounts of air through them in order to push this heavy aircraft.

As the aircraft reaches and moves past the camera man, you get the full experience of how loud it actually is. The engines are basically screaming as it moves down the runway. It's still a bit unbelievable that this thing can actually lift off of the ground. It really doesn't appear to be moving that fast, but somehow, it generates enough lift to actually take off. Once it's in the air, it tucks in the multiple wheels of the landing gear and continues on to its destination.

I'd imagine a pilot for one of these planes could fly just about anything. It doesn't seem like it'd be the easiest thing to fly, but these guys make it looks easy. Even in the rain, this takeoff looks flawless. I could watch this video over and over. The sound of those engines roaring is music to my ears!

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