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The Limo-Jet, a V8-Powered Party Bus, Will Soon Hit the Auction Block


Have you ever wanted to just own something that screams, "I have way too much money and time on my hands?" Well, look no further, because this one-of-a-kind, candy-red Learjet limousine will be hitting Mecum Auctions' Indy event in June, barring any coronavirus-caused delays.

I have to admit, it's pretty impressive what these guys have managed to do with this old private jet. In the below video, owner Frank Deangelo talks about this unique vehicle -- known as the Limo-Jet or Learmousine -- and how it turned into what it is today.

The Limo-Jet: A Learjet Turned Street-Legal Party Bus

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Designed by Dan Harris, this thing started as a wingless Learjet fuselage that was retrofitted to work as a four-wheeled street-legal limo. Honestly though, who even thinks of doing something as crazy as this? Frank Deangelo, that's who.

Way back when, he owned a company that built custom exotic limousines and claims that, when the idea for the Limo-Jet was brought up, he was up for the challenge. Coming in at 42-feet long, 11-feet, 6-inches tall, 8-feet wide, and weighing around 12,000 pounds, this really is an absolutely massive vehicle. The engine is an 8.1-liter V8 engine from a Chevrolet mounted in the middle of the aircraft. It's fitted with a set of Diablo 28-inch wheels and tires in the front with custom fiberglass fenders. They had to mix and match parts from about three to four different vehicles and put in a ton of custom work to make a proper suspension for this jet. Deangelo states that they invested well over a million dollars to make this whole thing come together.

Once you hop inside this plane, you see it's outfitted with a somewhat similar driver setup of a normal car. You have your seat, a steering wheel, gas and brake pedal, a shifter, and a normal dash cluster in front of you. Fitted to the dash are four different screens that give you a few camera angles around the outside of the jet for easy maneuvering.

If you look at the roof, you'll see toggle switches similar to a real aircraft that control nearly all lighting inside and out for the vehicle. The interior proved to be a challenge for the designers. Since everything is curved, they had to custom make every piece of the interior. I'd say it was well worth it, because the inside of this thing is fully decked out with neon lights, a sound system, disco lighting, a big screen TV, and a crazy-looking infinity floor. The jet engines on the sides of the plane have been turned into giant speakers with lighting to simulate the look of the afterburners. I don't even want to think of the man-hours this took to complete.


Frank Deangelo states in the video that in order to get rid of it, he'd have to be offered at least over $5 million. Safe to say that someone is going to have to pay a steep price in order to buy this creation from auction. $5 million might be a lot of money, but at least it comes with a free 2015 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD and a 44-foot trailer to haul it around to auto shows.

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